Introduction To RCP (Rich Client Platform)

Rich Client Platform in Eclipse consists of a core, a standard bundling,a framework, a portable widget toolkit, file buffers, text handling, text editors, a workbench (views, editors, perspectives, wizards), Update Manager etc. With RCPs developers can build their own applications on existing platforms, without spending much time on building platforms . Instead of having to write a complete application from scratch, they can benefit from proven and tested features of the framework provided by the platform. Building on a platform facilitates faster application development and integration. Rich Client Application (RCA) ( an application built on RCPs ) normally in the form of a stand-alone executable with a graphical interface composed of several controls for the user.

Making a rich client application in eclipse is quite similar to plug-in development work, with a little different approach. Here it is discussed in steps.

    1. Go to“ File” – > “ New ” – > “ Project ” > “ Plug-in Development ” > “ Plug-in Project ”.

    1. Give name to Project and move next.

    1. Plug-in Content options will appear. At this time instead of moving with default options, in Rich Client Application section, select “ Yes ” radio button.

    1. Available templates will appear in next option. Here select “ HelloRCP ” Template, to keep the things simple.

    1. Click “ Next” to finalise and then “ Finish ”.

    1. OverView and Outline panes will appear, displaying information of the application.

    1. Now click on “ Launch an Eclipse application ” in Overview Pane to see the application working.

    1. Finally we will define product configuration file and export our application.
    2. Go to “ File ” – > “ New ” – > “ Other ” – > “ Product Configuration ”.

    1. give some name to file, and select application. “ Finish ” to exit.
    2. Give Product ID, Application and Product name in their respective fields.

    1. From configuration tab, add your plug-in and “ required plug-ins ” for our application.
    2. From overview tab, select “ Eclipse Product Export wizard ”.

  1. Standalone rich client application has been exported into archive file.

The application made is platform independent and will behave as a native application in any Operating System.