Creating J2EE Modules For Enterprise Application

Using Lomboz we can create Enterprise Application modules. Here we will see how we can add J2EE, Web modules to an Enterprise Application so that J2EE development can be done in a quicker and easier way.
Although a programmer can create Web and J2EE modules separately and later add them to EAR file, But the recommended approach is to create those modules while creating Enterprise Application, So that they will be packaged instantly to your EAR project.

  1. When we create an EAR application project we see following screen.
  2. Now click “Next”. You will see following screen.
  3. Click “New Module” but this time only select “EJB module” and “Application client module”. Selecting “Web module” and “Connector module” will add a web module and an EJB connector module to your Enterprise application. That is not needed to test an EJB application.
  4. Click “Finish”. Both modules will be added to the EAR module.
  5. Click “Finish” and modules will be created in IDE. Now you can add enterprise beans to them.