Development Of Enterprise Applications in Eclipse IDE

Lomboz is a reliable plugin for J2EE development. It can be downloaded from

Developing Enterprise Applications in Eclipse is quite simple with the help of lomboz. Here let me describe five simple steps to create an Enterprise Application Project using Eclipse IDE.

  1. Start Eclipse.
  2. Change perspective to J2EE and click File -> New Project -> Enterprise Application Project.
  3. ScreenHunter 001

  4. Click “Next” and fill project name and select server as per your choice configured in IDE.
  5. ScreenHunter 002

  6. Click “Next” button and select the EAR check box so that an EAR module can be created. It is important to note that EAR file can hold web module(*.war files) as well EJB module(*.jar files).
  7. ScreenHunter 003

    Now you can select different configurations as per your requirement.

  8. Click “Finish”.

An EAR module will be added to IDE where you can create EJB modules,Web modules etc and can deploy it to application server