Building A Java Project In Eclipse

Eclipse IDE not only manages Java code for Projects but Programmer can compile their Java source code using features of IDE. Suppose you have a Java Project with source code and the Jar files needed to compile the project in the project claspath. IDE provides you the option to build Java code and putting that to the output directory. Here is the brief introduction for each option available.

  1. Click on the projects. You can see a lot of options regarding building projects in Java.

    • Build All : It builds all the projects available in the workspace to output directory defined for each project
    • Build Working Set : It builds projects in some working set to their output directories.
    • Build Automatically : It builds all the projects automatically, In short it builds as soon as a java resource is modified it builds that part of code and show errors/warning at problems tab. If no error is found then put the class file to the output directory.
  2. Now click on ” Build Working Set ” It will ask user to choose working set .
  3. In the next window you can either choose set of projects already made or you can make a new working set of projects.
  4. click on ” New ” as we are making a new working set.
  5. Select Java and press “Next”. It will ask you to include projects from workspace to the working set we are going to create.
  6. Select the projects you want to add in the working set and click “Finish”.
  7. You can see the results in problems window. If any Java unit have problems in compilation then It will be shown, so that the user can correct them and rebuild the working set again.