An Introduction to Eclipse PDE – File Creation

Eclipse is a platform which is itself comprised of plugins.Eclipse itself is not only a Developement environment for Java pr C++ But also an IDE for plugins for itself or standalone plugins.

As stated above Eclipse can be used as a Plugin Development Environment (PDE) which is a set of tools that help the developers in developing, testing, debugging, building, and deploying Eclipse plugins.

The plugin Development Environment (PDE) has its Wizard template to create plugins. The plugin,to be created will associate Eclipse with the file extension “.myext”. The plugin’s wizard will enable the user to create files with this extension, and when the user double-clicks on those files, they’ll appear in the plugin’s editor.

  1. Select “ File ” – >“ New ” – > “ Project ”. Then select “ Plugin Project ”. Wizard will start asking for information.
  2. Give plugin project name.
  3. Providing content provider is important for plugins, to verify potentially safe providers.
  4. Next we will select the template of Multipage Editor plugin.
  5. Next provide the file extension you want to be used, in this case “ myext”.
  6. Next window will ask the option, wizard of this plugin will ask to create file. Here you have to specify file extension and initial file name.
  7. Finish to exit. Now, to test our plugin go to context menu of plugin project and select “ Run as ” – > “ Eclipse Application ”.
  8. A new instance of eclipse will get started. In this instance make an empty project ‘abc’ in this case. Then move to File > “ New ” – > “ Other ” – > “ Sample Wizard ” – > “ Multi-page Editor File ”.

Your plugin has generated a file with your customized extension.

Creating plugins for Eclipse using PDE is very useful in situations involving project development in teams. This area is wide open and lot of work is being done.